Lift Your Truck With a Truck Lift Kit

Whether you are looking to level your car or truck, or you want to raise the ride height, you can do it by installing a suspension lift. These lifts are great for improving the performance of your off road vehicle, as well as adding to its aesthetics.
Body lifts

Whether you are looking to customize your truck for better looks or want to improve your off road performance, a lift kit is an excellent option. However, choosing the right lift kit is crucial.

Body lifts are one of the simplest ways to add height to your vehicle. They raise the wheel wells and make space for larger tires. They also improve ground clearance and increase wheel travel, which makes rough surfaces smoother.

Suspension lifts are another option for increasing ground clearance. However, they do require more work than a body lift. You may have to make adjustments to your suspension to accommodate the larger tires. In addition, you will need to install new heavy-duty shocks to dampen the motion of your larger tires.

In addition, a body lift will increase your wheel well clearance, but may leave an unsightly gap between your body and frame. In order to make this gap less noticeable, you can install gap guards from aftermarket companies.
Suspension lifts

Several different types of truck lifts exist, each one having its own advantages and disadvantages. There are body lifts, suspension lifts and leveling kits. These lifts are designed to raise the front or back of the truck above the factory height.

Body lifts are usually made from plastic or urethane. A body lift can increase ground clearance by allowing room for larger tires. It is a less expensive option than a full suspension lift.

A suspension lift is similar to a body lift, but it raises the vehicle’s center of gravity. This can affect steering geometry and lead to bump steering. It can also raise the vehicle’s ride height, which can affect brake lines, drive shaft length and drive shaft angles. are also used on high performance sports cars. For example, the second generation Ford GT uses a suspension lift.

A suspension lift can raise the vehicle’s center of gravity up to 90 percent. The higher the lift, the greater the effect. However, it can also alter the vehicle’s dynamics in crosswinds.
Leveling kits

Adding a leveling kit to your truck is an excellent way to add ground clearance to your truck. It can also help to give your truck an upscale look. You can also enhance the way your truck performs off the road, making it easier to haul big loads.

Leveling kits are typically less expensive than lift kits. They are also a much simpler installation. Most leveling kits provide about a two-inch lift. Depending on the type of leveling kit, you may also have the option of adding shock extenders to increase the height of your shocks.

The main advantage of leveling kits is that they are simple to install and cost a lot less than lift kits. Leveling kits may include coil spacers, torsion keys, and strut extensions.

Leveling kits also raise the front end of the truck to a height that matches the rear end. This increases ground clearance, allows for bigger tires, and improves off-road performance.

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